Facility Card

Dear guests,

Our flat has a facility card. With this card you can use in/near the hotel various facilities:

  • heated indoor swimming poo
  • sauna *)
  • sunbathing area
  • playground
  • 10% discount on breakfast, lunch, dinner and all consumptions used in/from the hotel
  • You are also welcome to join in the activities organised by the hotel for its guests.

Facility card rules:

  • You must have this card with you when using one of the facilities. 
  • When using the swimming pool and sauna, towels are included.
  • Please do not walk through the hotel lobby in swimwear (there are changing rooms by the pool).

  *) The use of the sauna is subject to an own contribution of € 7.50 p/p per time. It is necessary to book early with the hotel; there are limited spots available in the sauna, so only based on availability.

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