Nature Centre Ameland

In the Nature Centre, visitors get to know nature and the fascinating natural processes on and around the island in a spectacular way. This is done by using special and innovative forms of presentation.

In addition to various small aquariums, there is a large aquarium in which performances take place at set times. On the viewing platform, on the tower near the center, one looks out over the mudflats and the North Sea, here one can experience the specific elements of the island themselves and they are explained.

The Nature Center also has a barefoot path, which is fun for all ages.

The observation tower can be reached by an elevator.


De Vleijen

Right across the apartment complex lies recreation area De Vleijen. The winding shell paths take you past dunes, trees, bushes and water.

Children can enjoy themselves with the various playground equipment, such as slides, a climbing pole, a raft and a castle in the middle of the pond.

In the winter, when it has frozen, a part of De Vleijen is used for skating.



Nes is one of the largest villages on Ameland with approximately 1200 inhabitants. In the village are a number of beautiful old commanders houses as well as a modern shopping and entertainment center.

Restaurants and stores
If you like a lively atmosphere, Nes is the place to be. Stores and restaurants harmonize with the beautiful old houses and buildings. Through an excellent restoration policy Nes has managed to retain its unique charm. The old core of Nes is built around the freestanding church tower from 1723. This tower is not connected to a church but served as a sea beacon.

Roman Catholic Church
An ornament for the village of Nes was the Roman Catholic Church, which was built under the architecture of the famous architect Pierre Cuypers in 1878. Unfortunately this church was destroyed by fire on 5 February 2013. Diagonally opposite this church is a statue of the former Amelander Cardinal de Jong.

Cornmill “Phenix
The corn mill “Phenix” which can be found on the north side of the village was built in 1880. In 1980, the mill was purchased by the municipality of Ameland. After restoration, the mill was opened to the public in 1982. The mill grinds grain into flour again, from which the Ameland bakers bake the so-called mill bread.

Commander’s houses
One of the oldest Commander’s houses in Nes is located in the Rixt van Doniastraat. This house dates from 1625 and is worth a look. Nes also has a protected village sight.


Outdoor Ameland

At the back of recreation area De Vleijen you will find Outdoor Ameland. They offer a climbing park with several different activities, such as a high ropes course at 3 and 6 meters, a zipline of 160 meters long and a free fall of no less than 9 meters high!

Furthermore, you can play paintball, beach golf, archery, beach sailing, SUP and much more.


Horse rescue boat

Not directly near the apartment, but definitely a must to visit if possible during your stay.
Here you will get a demonstration of how the lifeboat “Abraham Fock” was launched using horses in Hollum for over 150 years. The boat is launched from Suudwest strand, as it was done for rescue operations at sea until 1988. This demonstration is given an extra charge by the accident on 14 August 1979, in which eight horses drowned while launching the lifeboat. You can also visit the nearby horse grave. Here are the dates when the horse rescue boat demonstrations take place.

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